• The work processes are structured and system-driven. All our reports are automated and hence time spent on reporting and administration work is negligible. Our existing ERP system is being upgraded on a regular basis so that the system ensures discipline in the work process and constantly improves efficiency.

Magellan Interactive Logistics Assistant*

  • MILA* is the App that we have developed to assist our customers and our team.
  • The Customer version has details of current shipment tracking, past shipments, outstanding invoices and statement, full details of the Group that the customer may need (such as office location, bank details, contact details etc) as well as reference materials (such as documents required to be submitted, work processes etc).
  • The Management version has various key reports and information.

ERP System*

  • ERP* assists the Group by ensuring that the data is captured at all points and the relevant outputs are provided.
  • Customers get automated scheduled reports regarding their cargo status.
  • Customers also get additional alerts/notification, whenever a milestone is reached.
  • Internal reporting is fully automated.

    Keeping work processes and systems simple through the use of technology is an important priority of our organisation.

The ERP Software NeatMove and the associated Apps are products of Qualitime Software, No.5, Karunyam, EB Colony, Vadavalli, Coimbatore - 641 041 and have been licensed by Magellan Logistics Africa ltd.