Logistic services are risky in Africa. For the protection of our customers, we have adopted the following risk management measures:


  • Goods-in-Transit insurance – covers any damage to goods, loss of goods and accidents.
  • Errors and Omissions insurance – covers any errors in documentation and related procedures for all our logistics & ship agency functions.
  • Other statutory insurances – these cover fire, burglary and all other aspects of operating a business concern.

Standard Operating Procedures

  • We have robust SOPs for all activities that we undertake.
  • These processes are refined regularly to ensure that we keep our work simple and error free.
  • This constant focus on processes enables us to maintain the efficiency of our services to customers.

Policies / Compliances

    Health / Safety / Security / Environment
  • We work within the guidelines set by the authorities in each country where we operate.
  • Code of Ethics
  • We have a specific policy document regarding code of ethics that encompasses not only our team members, but our vendors and clients as well.
  • Sub-Contracting policy
  • This policy lays down the guidelines for identifying, evaluating and appraising the performance of our sub-contractors.